I am

Natalia serrano

An artist born in the Venezuelan Caribbean. My inspiration springs from the vibrant colors and Caribbean waves of my maternal family’s home of Margarita Island.

Contemplating the rhythm of that natural world has always filled my spirit and soul.

The place has a magical human history as well, paradisal stories of indigenous people living between nature and what in colonial times would become the port of Cubagua.



My Dreaming of pirates and mermaids’ tales, today I try to bring all this magic together in my works.

I was blessed with an artistic legacy from my father’s family, starting with my grandfather Manel Serrano, a painter and photographer from Barcelona, Spain. Both his sons became artists my uncle Adrian Serrano and my father Boris, a jazz musician.

This heritage has instilled in me the need to always interpret sensations through plastic arts. And today in Australia, my artistic practice is about connecting nature and humanity, integrating colors and sensations sometimes with a nostalgic tone.